Saturday, 9 March 2019

Not Everyone

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Assalamualaikum and greetings to all of you :)
It have been so long since last time I updated my life in here
so here I am

February already passed us and here March come to celebrate 2019 with us
hopefully a good one
Basically my life was just fine so far , I think so
Despite of all the tasks , assignments , meetings and those overthinking(s)
yes . I'm really kept thinking a lot and it sometimes make me feel hesitated and so exaggerated with myself
It is really not good for my mental health ofc
But don't worry . That same smile I always wearing thru all the times really covered it well

Not Everyone
It can become a statement or question , does it ?

Not Everyone : as a statement .
Everyone have their own stories, strengths, weaknesses and secrets also .
Thus, not everyone that open themselves. They can hid themselves and just opened their real one with those who they are trusting for. Sometimes, they just faking themselves to please their colleagues and friends. Just as a reminder, NOT EVERYONE.

Not everyone will understand your journey. That's okay. You're here to live your life, not to make everyone understand :)

Not everyone : as a question .
Is everyone like you ? As you ?
Is everyone really trust you ? As you ?
Is everyone really consider you as a someone in their life ? Idk.
So, these questions really make our mind became a big mess ! Just reminding all of us, that NOT EVERYONE can accept us as we are :)

Not everyone likes me but not everyone matters ;)

And I believe, almost all of us have these kind of thoughts before. Don't feel down over yourself. We are on a same team ;) However, life must keep going and also YOU! Don't let these negative vibes that we created purposely blocking us to reach our happiness and goals. We have to control ourselves cause that our job.
Keep yourself busy and reward yourself ! This really can be your good therapy :*
and don't too depend on people . Trust me ;) Sometimes, we will even feel prouder with ourselves if we can accomplish with our own effort ! ;D

Not everyone deserve your access. Protect your spirit <3

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There's a lot more to think about and to appreciate more . Keep going guys ! I believe we can do this :)

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